Staff arrangement Optiver

We offer our services to Optiver employees with a discount of €250 on our quote. Make a no-obligation appointment with one of our specialized advisors to gain insight into your financing options.

Financing a property

Financing an owner-occupied home in the Netherlands in 2021 is possible with
approximately 40 lenders and a rental mortgage with 20 lenders. FinaForte
specializes in mortgages for people with complex income structures and guides
you to complete them successfully.

Our advisors know the income structure of Optiver and make a good analysis
based on your wishes. This gives you insights into which mortgage conditions
best suit your situation and which lender suits you. For a lender, the test income
is the basis for determining a maximum mortgage. This is therefore the greatest
challenge for entrepreneurs and salaried employees with a “non-standard”
income profile.

Would you like to know what FinaForte can do for you?

Request a free consultation with one of our specialist advisors.

Do you want to know what FinaForte can do for you? Request a free consultation.

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    1. Free consultation

    Plan a free exploratory telephone conversation and immediately discover what is possible for you. We discuss with you; your chance of success, maximum mortgage, interest and conditions.

    2. Compare & select

    Our mortgage advisors know the conditions and exceptions of the banks like no other and always know how to create the best interest rates, conditions and the highest chance of success.

    3. Signing at the notary

    After approval, we request the final mortgage offer from the bank and you can sign it at the notary. Now you can enjoy your new home.

    Het arrangement

    FinaForte uses a quotation model with standard prices and a customised cost matrix for its services. For the employees of Optiver we offer our services with an additional discount of € 250 on our quotation.

    Within FinaForte there is a permanent team that is fully familiar with the income structure and all specific employment conditions of Optiver, so that your financing application runs smoothly.

    Do you want to know more? Request a free consultation with our specialist advisor.

    €250 discount

    on our quote

    Wil je jouw financieringsmogelijkheden weten?

    For registration, please sign up with out appointment form. After registration you will receive an email with a link to our secure customer portal, where you can upload the following documents*. Based on these documents, we can make a calculation and offer you the financial options.

    1. Proof of identity


    2. Last paycheck


    3. Annual statements

    4. Bonus specification

    *At a later stage we will request your official employer’s statement, because of the limited validity of 3 months.

    FinaForte-Optiver Adviseurs

    David de Nieuwe
    Mortgage advisor

    my story

    ‘“There is a lot of knowledge and expertise available at FinaForte. That stimulates
    me to help you with tailor-made mortgages with loans that get stuck with other parties. Before joining FinaForte, I started my mortgage career at ING. After that I worked at ASR, Syntrus Achmea and Knab Hypotheken. Besides mortgages, I love electronic music. I have collected about 400 vinyl records since I was 16!’’

    Aart Sprikkelman
    Mortgage advisor

    my story

    “I have over 30 years of experience after studying tax law at the University
    of Groningen. At FinaForte it is fantastic to help customers. No application
    is the same, just like his or her (financial) situation. This makes it an art to fit the mortgage wishes of every customer within the standards of the regulations, so
    that the lender accepts the application. This customization is my drive.”

    Carolien van Heijningen

    Carolien van Heijningen
    Mortgage advisor

    my story

    “After more than 30 years of experience as an advisory and account manager, I
    decided to continue in independent financial advice. I then worked as a
    certified financial planner. At Finaforte everything comes together, my
    independent advisory role and my interest in tailor-made financing. My drive is to want the best for my customer and to think in terms of solutions and possibilities. ”

    Michel Lindenburg
    Mortgage advisor

    my story

    “I was active as a market maker on the options exchange for 10 years. Then I started working as a mortgage advisor, became a certified financial planner and continued as a business advisor. Now I assist clients with their financing applications. It often happens that an income does not fit within the standard
    acceptance frameworks of the bank and I am looking for tailor-made solutions to
    achieve the best result.”

    About FinaForte

    FinaForte specializes in tailor-made financing and complex income structures
    and has years of experience in this. We help our clients with residential mortgages, corporate finance, and real estate finance.

    Because FinaForte has an appointment with almost all financiers, our advisers can look for the best deal for your situation. After mediation by FinaForte you do not pay any closing costs at the mortgage bank.

    Binnendienst Franchise FinaForte